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Who Are We?

Live Like A Local Tours brings you out of downtown Boston and into the city's neighborhoods where you'll be exposed to foods from different cultures. Guests will drink craft beer from small neighborhood microbreweries and get a spirit tasting from a local distillery.

Live Like A Local Tours Boston


When people think Boston, they think history, baseball, baked beans and downtown. I have some wicked good news for you, not only does Boston have all that, but there are some of the most historically significant and diverse neighborhoods just off the beaten path. 


Have you heard of Roxbury? It is the heart of Black culture in Boston and it also offers a healthy dose of history being one of the first towns of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Landmarks; CHECK, beautiful architecture; ABSOLUTELY and some of the most delicious food; DOUBLE CHECK.


Live Like A Local Tour Boston is designed for you to experience all the that and way more. We created a tour where people can explore Boston from a passionate local's perspective.  We will guide you through these hidden gems to explore the food, history and culture of Roxbury, Dorchester and Jamaica Plain.

Our tour guides will expose you to the history and culture of neighborhoods that don't often get the exposure they deserve. We have local microbreweries and food spots in each neighborhood. Pairing craft beer with local bites and history of different cultures from around the world like Ethiopia, Trinidad, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and more!


You can eat homemade empanadas made just for you at a Latin American spot, a West Indian Roti freshly made in-house or the Jamaican patty shop. Don’t worry- there are always vegetarian options! When you visit a new city, you don't want to do the tourist thing the whole time you're there. You want to live eat and drink like the locals do!  We hope you will spend an afternoon with us learning and tasting your way through ALL the culture Boston has to offer.


Meet The Founder 

I dabbled in New York City to explore my acting, (GO RED SOX!) and eventually made my way back to my hometown after the birth of my daughter. I never stopped wanting to give back to my community and decided to channel this into Live Like A Local in order to give back to the same neighborhoods and local businesses I grew up with visiting as a child. Taking one of tours not only supports me but it also helps to support the community.


There is so much rich history and culture in these neighborhoods. They deserve a renaissance; attention and for tourists and locals alike to get to experience the all the beauty Boston has to offer. I want people to know these neighborhoods and their people do matter. Also, I love food and a hot dog at Fenway Park just doesn’t cut it!


Collin Knight


I am a Roxbury Boston native who grew up right near famous Nubian Square. This was in the 1990s and at the time the area was not considered desirable. I went to school in an affluent area, and from a young age it was made clear to me that I didn’t matter and was lucky to be attending the school. I always loved where I grew up and felt such a passion to support the community that supported me. As soon as I graduated, I walked right into a local Roxbury high school and asked for a job in the theater department. I ended up working for many years with the city’s at-risk youth as an actor/educator working at a local high school and a non-profit in the Boston area. I used my acting skills along with the program’s curriculum to teach life lessons to kids, empower and prepare them to make their own decisions using theatre as a tool to navigate and discuss topics such as peer pressure, drugs and violence.