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Who Are We?

Live Like A Local Tours brings you out of downtown Boston and into the city's neighborhoods where you'll be exposed to foods from different cultures. Guests will drink craft beer from small neighborhood microbreweries and get a spirit tasting from a local distillery.

Live Like A Local Tours Boston


We you visit a new city you don't want to do the tourist thing the whole time you're there. You want to live eat and drink like the locals do!  


Live Like a Local Tours Boston will give you the chance to explore the food,history and culture of Roxbury, Dorchester and Jamaica Plain.


 We created a tour where people can explore Boston from a local's perspective.  When tourists come to Boston, they often explore the downtown areas like faneuil Hall and the freedom trail, but that's not all the city has to offer.


We'll take you off the beaten path to see a different side of Boston.


Our tour guides will expose you to the history and culture of neighborhoods that don't often get the exposure they deserve. We have local microbreweries and food spots in each neighborhood. Pairing craft beer with local bites and history of different cultures from around the world like Ethiopia, Trinidad, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and more!

Eat homemade empanadas made just for you at a Latin American spot. Try a West Indian Roti freshly made in-house. Come to the Jamaican patty shop with us. Learn how to eat a traditional Ethiopian dish.

Don’t worry- there are always vegetarian options!


Think Jamaican beef (or veggie!) patties or empanadas paired with craft beer on our "Snack Like A Local tour".  If you want something more substantial you can come with us on our "Grub Like A Local Tour" where you will experience traditional Ethiopian cuisine, Trinidadian Rotis or Latin American dishes. 

We've also pivoted to doing walking tours of each neighborhood for our guests to enjoy with their families and friends who have been quarantining  together during the pandemic to keep everyone as safe as possible.


Meet The Founder 

Collin Knight


Is a Boston native who worked for many years with the city’s at-risk youth as an Actor/educator for a non-profit in the Boston area. For many years he used his acting skills along with the program’s curriculum to teach life lessons to kids grades 4-8 to empower and prepare them to make their own decisions.


Collin, thrived using theatre as a tool to educate kids on how to navigate and discuss difficult topics such as peer pressure, drugs, violence, to name a few. 


He started his career in education, teaching elective classes in theatre and improvisation to High and Middle School students at nineteen. Growing up in Roxbury section of Boston, he always felt it was important to give back to his community.   


That theme of giving back has stayed with him throughout his life, and now he wants to give back to the same local businesses he grew up with visiting as a child. Taking one of tours not only supports us but it also helps to support the community.