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Getting to Know Your Neighborhood: Roxbury - Boston

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Named for its rocky soil and the resources the land had to offer, Roxbury is full of

history and was home to major populations of Irish, Latvian and Jewish communities

and in the early 1900s a prominent black community began to form.

This community-built Roxbury into its modern-day form, with past and current residents passionate about their home turf and cultural institutions. We stop at the First Church that dates back to pre-revolutionary times. This place is still a source of revolution fighting for safe shelter, academic enrichment and education of local families and youth. Like a lot of

neighborhoods these days, precious and important landmarks and buildings are being

knocked over to make room for high-end condos and gentrification. Visiting this spot will

give you a taste of the layered history, how friendly the locals are, the gorgeous

architecture of the neighborhood and of course the amazing snackage that local

restaurants have to offer.

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