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"Can this man bring tourists to Roxbury?"

Live Like A Local Tours Boston has been featured in the Boston Globe.

Written by CHRISTOPHER MUTHER: THANK YOU CHRIS 🙏 ! Sitting down to be interviewed by Christopher Muther from the Boston Globe was a great experience and he was a pleasure to speak with. I enjoyed talking to him about Boston and showing him why Roxbury, Dorchester and Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts are the most magnificent cities in the United States. Discussing Boston's food scene and history is my passion. If tourists, transplants or Boston locals are looking for fun things to do In Boston, you have found the best food tour experience to go on with your loved ones, and I will tell you why below.

The explains why Live Like a Local Tours Boston wants to change perceptions!

Written by CHRISTOPHER MUTHER: "Leonard Lee, the executive director of the Dillaway-Thomas House in Roxbury, is sounding a bit fed up.He’s relaying a story about a Back Bay organization that was debating whether to hold a morning event at the beautifully restored Colonial-era home, which, after a five-year, $3.6 million renovation is now a pristine museum that shows what Colonial life was like in Roxbury. It’s a beautiful place situated in Roxbury Heritage State Park with sweeping views of the city.Then he heard the dreaded question.

“They wanted to know if it was safe to have their breakfast event here,” he says somewhat incredulously. “There is this perception that Roxbury is some kind of war zone. It’s because people haven’t spent time here. They don’t know the history we have.

Enter Collin Knight. The Roxbury native has launched a company called Live Like a Local Tours which brings tourists to places of interest in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Jamaica Plain. While most of the city’s tour companies put their focus on downtown Boston — think Freedom Trail, North End food tours, and Irish pub crawls — Knight wants to show visitors what the rest of the city has to offer." READ FULL ARTICLE

Are you looking for fun things to do in Boston Today? Live Like A Local Tours is a chartered food and beverage Tour in Boston, Massachusetts. We give tourists, suburbanites, and transplants moving to Boston city a groundbreaking experience. Providing them access to explore the food, history, and culture of Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain. ​

You'll have to wash all that fantastic food down with some local craft beer, and you won't be disappointed. Some of the best micro-breweries in Boston are in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain. When tourists come to Boston, they go downtown and take a standard bus tour. #LiveLikeALocalToursBoston wants to give you the opportunity to really experience Boston and what it has to offer. Our tour pairs locally crafted beer & spirits with Afro-Caribbean cuisine. If you're a tourist traveling from Europe, France, Spain, China, or from the United States to Boston, Massachusetts, you will enjoy yourself.

‘Just because you watch “The Town” and you watch “The Departed” doesn’t mean that’s the only part of Boston.’-Collin Knight

Are you traveling to Boston, Massachusetts looking for #bostonfunthingstodo? Good news! Live Like a Local Tours Boston has you covered (#fun #foodtour #boston), experience why you're missing out and start living like a local. Why choose Live Like a Local food Tours Boston? It's a safe, friendly and a fun food tour you wont want to miss out. #bostonvaction #bostonstaycation!

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